С 1 июня стартует Сезон подарков в Манжо!

Посещаем кафе "Манжо", получаем купоны на участие (1 купон на каждые 500 рублей счета при счете от 700 рублей ) и вместе с ними - возможность получить путешествие от PacGroup, гироскутер, банкеты на 100 000 и 50 000 рублей, iPhone 6 и iPad Apple Air!!!

«Maevka» Rates

Every guest that stays at hotel “Attache” from 1st till 12st of May will be granted a special 30% discount for accommodation in all room categories and a bottle of shimmer wine! Enjoy incredible holidays in the atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

May Holydays in the hotel “Attache”

may eng1Every guest, who visit hotel “Attache” from the 1st of May to the 12th of May 2013, is presented 20% discount for accommodation in any room category and a bottle of sparkling vine! Spend the May holydays in the atmosphere of luxury and comfort. 

Marriage registration, room and limousine for newly weds.

Newly weds, who decided to hold a wedding banquet with us, marriage registration, Business Class room and limousine, are free of charge, and Wedding Class room is available with 40% discount. We are also ready to greet your guests with a special discount.

Free show and cake!

When you choose a special proposal for a children’s party a young hero of the occasion receives a gift from a banquet hall a cake with a magic design and a show-program.

Special proposal