20 % скидка на проживание  в отеле «Атташе»

20% discount on accommodation in "Attache" hotel


Dear guests! We are glad to inform you that 20 % discont on accommodation of all categories of numbers will be able from 13:00 pm 01.01.2018 to 12:00 pm 08.01.2018.


Подарки для гостей в честь семилетия отеля "Атташе"

Presents for all the guests in seventh anniversary of "Attache" hotel


Dear guests, we are glad to welcome you in our hotel already for 7 years! In a period from 13:00 pm 05.10.2017 to 08.10.2017 until 12 pm, the present will be waiting you in each number.


Реновация отеля "Атташе"

Renovation of the “Attache” hotel


Dear guests! We are working hard to make our hotel an even more inviting atmosphere for you to relax. The hotel is currently undergoing a transformation of the facade, interior and some of the communications. The renovation is designed in such a way, to minimize the inconvenience to you. It will continue until October 2017 year.


Новый режим работы кафе "Манжо"

New working regime of “Mangio” cafe.


Dear guests! Please, be aware that from 10.07.2017 “Mangio” cafe is working in the new regime.


Комплимент для гостей отеля "Атташе" в честь Дня Великой Победы!

The compliment for all the guest of “Attache” hotel in celebration of Victory Day!


Dear Guest! The bottle of sparkling wine "Chateau Tamagne" for the compliment in each room of the “Attache” hotel from 8 to 9 of May.