"Attache" сompany (further the website), owning the website and managing it, monitors carefully the user right compliance. We  greatly emphasize confidentiality of every website user personal data. By using our website, registering your personal information on it in the fields of the reservation form, typing comments and applications, you accept all the points of the Privacy Policy.


The following Privacy Policy applies to data collected exclusively by our website. However, it can content references to external resources not administered and controlled by us. The Privacy Policy practiced by other websites is not within our influence. Once you navigate through the links of other resources, you should find information about their Privacy Policy before you enter your data on them.



Our website collects and registers personal data provided by you. This happens at the moment of filling in the hotel room reservation form, conference room rental form, for restaurant seat booking and also when leaving personal reviews in the appropriate section. Personal data includes any information that is required to identify a person, both physical and legal. This can be the name and surname, company name, email address, mobile phone number, bank card details.


Personal data, received by us from the website visitors, are necessary for us to register users and provide services to them at the Attache Hotel and Manzho Café. Thanks to these data, rooms are reserved, tables are booked, requests for the conference hall reservation are fulfilled. In addition, these data are required for the normal website operation,  its functioning upgrade and task performance,  which is approved by our users in advance. Personal information is also used to provide feedback to users. For example, if the user apply for our services through the website, we reserve the right to respond to him using the data that he entered into the forms intended for this field. We also use personal data to inform our users that this Privacy Policy has been significantly modified.


We cooperate with other companies and organizations performing some services for us. So, they can be entrusted with data processing, to deliver them, post them on our website, to perform some services you are applying for, to carry out statistical research. In order to let these third parties to carry out their work, we reserve the right to transfer your personal data to them in the amount necessary to the service provision. They have the right to use only this part of the information and only for the concrete task performance. Their duty is to maintain complete confidentiality, and they do not have the right to transfer your personal data or use it for any other purpose.

Also, personal data may be disclosed in situations stipulated by law, or in the event if the website administration decides that this action is necessary for the proper legal procedure passage, for participation in litigation, for the judgment execution, any legal procedures performance that is required for interaction between the website administration and the user. In any other case personal data can not be disclosed or transferred to the third parties. It should be remembered that the data entered by you into the review text will be available to other website users, they can be viewed by all section visitors.



We also collect non-personal data, which includes information about your activity on the website. So, we register the pages and links you visited, collect other data about how you used our website. We also receive and store the usual information that your browser sends to us. This is your IP address, your browser name, the language used, the amount of time you spend on our pages, and their addresses. In order to let our website to operate in the optimal mode, we need to carry out the analysis constantly for which such data is needed. Web analytics need information provided by cookies. See through the privacy policies of popular web analytics services:


A cookie is a small volume file that contains only one character string. Your computer receives this file when visiting a particular website. When you launch it next time, this file will know your computer and browser. Often, cookies store various information about the user, such as the settings. You can prohibit your browser to receive such files or to set it so that it asks permission when they are sent. A number of websites, their services or functions can not be executed correctly without these files. Remember that the data obtained through cookies can not identify the concrete user. They do not transmit viruses to infect your computer, they are not able to run third-party programs.

Our website also uses cookies, in particular to collect non-personal information and control user interaction with the website. Thanks to these files, we register your preferences and your settings. Returning to our website again and again, you can use it to the fullest without introducing the same information everytime. You save time using completely safe technology, without risking your personal data loss. We receive from you through these files only non-personal information that we need for statistical analysis and  the website work improvement.


For carrying out of various statistical research and analysis, we can use the personal data provided by you, combined with the data of other users. The aggregated information obtained thus does not allow to identify concrete users. It is necessary to analyze certain user groups, the trends of their interaction with the website. Such aggregated information is in no way connected with concrete individuals, they can not be identified, they can not be contacted. Such anonymous aggregated information can be transferred to the third companies that perform certain tasks for us, for example, statistical analysis. At the same time, your personal data is safe.


Our company reserves the right to make periodical changes or add additional items to this Privacy Policy. Changes can affect all the sections or only a part of them, so we warn users about the need to reread this document regularly. This will allow us to be fully aware of  how exactly we protect your private data provided to us by you during our service and website usage.

Our page performs the latest Privacy Policy version, you can see it by clicking on the Privacy Policy link located at the main page bottom . Always when deciding on changes of the terms, we indicate the date of the latest changes at the very beginning of the text, we do not send other notifications to users usually. However, if the changes are really significant, we place the advertisement on the home page or send emails to our registered users. If after that you hold on using our website, it means you accept the changes and agree with them.


If you want to clarify something, ask questions or make suggestions on the Privacy Policy, then you can send your message to the email address